Charles Marlin Stout and Rena Golden Click to view the family tree

Married 3-Feb-1924

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Husband:   Charles Marlin Stout

Born: 2-Jun-1902
Died: 22-Mar-1974
Father: William Winfield Stout
Mother: Georgia Ann Carter

Nicknames: Cat and Chas

Charles Marlin Stout

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Wife:   Rena Golden

Born: 1904

Rural postmaster of the year in the 1960's. A national recognition. She got this as she was instrumental in getting the road paved in Hattieville. When she retired Charles her husband became postmater.

Rena (Golden) Stout

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Male  Child 1:   Charles Marlin Stout

Born: 23-Mar-1928
Spouse: Mary Katherine Stroud
Children: Charles Michael Stout, Mary Susan Stout

Suffix: Jr.
Born: Hattieville, AR

Charles Marlin Stout, Jr.

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Female  Child 2:   Dorothy Ann Stout

Born: 31-Oct-1931
Spouse: Herman Jones Brents
Children: Herman Keith Brents, Kenneth Edwin Brents, Cheri Lynn Brents, Alisande Brents

Born: Hattieville, AR
Nickname: Dot

Dorothy Stout

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Male  Child 3:   Edwin Winfield Stout

Born: 16-Apr-1935
Spouse: Patricia Ann Berkemeyer
Children: Lisa Renee Stout, Edwin Winfield Stout, Charles Dwayne Stout, Brad Marlin Stout

Morrilton, AR
Born: Hattieville, AR
Suffix: Sr.

Edwin Stout

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Male  Child 4:   Raymond Douglas Stout

Born: 23-Jan-1945
Spouse: Margaret Ann Merritt, Deborah Ann Alford
Children: Keri Ann Stout, Holly Danielle Stout

AKA: Doug

Doug Stout

Family Picture Album

Rena with Dot and Charles

Rend (Golden) Stout playing with Dot (Stout) Brents in the tractor and Charles Marlin Stout Jr. on the right.

Charles and Rena (Golden) Stout

Charles and Rena (Golden) Stout - picture made for their 50th wedding anniversary in 1974.
(picture shot date Feb-1974)