James Henry Young and Cheryl Jean Thomas Click to view the family tree

Married 12-Sep-1964

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Husband:   James Henry Young

Born: 12-Jun-1939
Father: James Henry Young
Mother: Elizabeth Geraldine Stout

B - Los Angeles, CA
Nickname rarely used by family: Skook
Suffix: IV, Jr

James Henry Young

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Wife:   Cheryl Jean Thomas

Born: 27-Jan-1939
Father: Eugene Thomas
Mother: Lillian Green

Childhood: Grew up 1427 West Lunt in Rogers Park of Chicago.

Cheryl Jean Thomas

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Male  Child 1:   John Thomas Young

Born: 10-Aug-1969
Spouse: Julie Ann Myers
Children: Ryan Thomas Young, Emma Grace Young

Military: In US Army for 6 years as an Armor officer. Left the Army as a Captain. Ranger and Airborne qualified.

John Young

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Female  Child 2:   Jill Elizabeth Young

Born: 17-Jan-1972


Jill Elizabeth Young

Family Picture Album

James and Cheryl Young

James Henry Young and Cheryl Jean Thomas on their wedding day.
(picture shot date 9-Sep-1964)