Weldon Winfield Stout and Ona Gertrude Boyd

Married 3-Mar-1924

Married: Morrilton, AR

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Husband:   Weldon Winfield Stout

Born: 3-Feb-1900
Died: 29-Jul-1940
Father: William Winfield Stout
Mother: Georgia Ann Carter

May have died in 1938?

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Wife:   Ona Gertrude Boyd

Born: 13-Feb-1906
Died: 4-Jul-1981
Father: John Dodtridge Boyd
Mother: Martha Elizabeth Reid

Friends with Geraldine Elizabeth Stout

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Male  Child 1:   Weldon Warren Stout

Born: 31-Jul-1925
Died: 30-May-1994
Spouse: Billie Wilson
Children: Mark Winfield Stout, Weldon W. Stout, Martha Stout, Nancy Stout

Resided: Wewoka, OK
AKA: Bill
Birth: May have been 1926?
Middle Name: May have been Warren?