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Married 1805

Married: Knox County, TN
Note: May have been 6-Sep-1802 as per this source: http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=:a28118&id=I161

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Husband:   Abraham Stout

Born: 23-Jul-1791
Died: Nov-1842
Father: Godfrey Daniel Stout
Mother: Catherine Magdalene Voltzen

Birthplace: VA

Note: I am including all the data beyond Abraham Stout assuming Abraham Carter Stout is the same person as Abraham Stout. Weldon Winfield Stout believed Abraham Stout was born in 1770 and died in 1842. This research is ongoing to determine if this the same person or not. So far I have no evidence proving it isn't, but that does not mean it is. So I included Abraham Carter Stout's ancestors here for research purposes.
Birth: Tennessee
This is where the line ends in regard to research. I included a note from this site: http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/s/t/o/Jerry-A-Stout/GENE9-0002.html

The Abraham Carter Stout born 23-Jul-1791, VA is believed by some Stout decendants to be the Abraham Stout who died in died in Washington Co. AR and married Sarah P. ____. No positive proof has been found.
The WILL of ABRAHAM STOUT probated September 15, 1842 Washington County, AR, witnesses: L. Evans and Jas. Thompson; Excr. Sarth Stout. He named his wife Sarah Stout, for her natural life all his real estate in the town of Evansville, Arkansas. One half to be disposed of by her death and other half after the death of his wife be willed to his nephews, JAMES W. STOUT and A. MADISON STOUT, to be eqully divided.

--------------From Ancestry.com
CENSUS: 1830 Blount Co. AL. census
Abraham STOUT
1 male 10-15 1 female 20-30
1 male 15-20 1 female 40-50
3 males 20-30
1 male 30-40
1 male 50-60
living near James Jones, Henry S. Jones, Jeremiah Jones, George J. Jones, James
Stout and William Stout.

lists Abraham and wife Sara UNKNOWN with all children.

1808 moved from Knox Co. TN. to Roane Co. TN
Chain Carrier for land surveyor crews

MILITARY: War of 1812,
War of 1812 service record lists him as Private in Major Porter's Squadron, Cavalry, East Tennessee Militia 201 602.
Lieutenant 14th Regiment of Tennessee Militia October 11, 1811.
Captain of Volunteer Rifle Company attached to the 14th Reg't of Roane Co.TN. Militia, Aug. 21, 1813
(Genealogical Records: Early Tennessee Settlers, 1700's-1900's- Records of Commissions of Officers, 1796-1815, Part II, Page 211. Genealoy.com Nov. 20, 2002

Creek uprising served 90 days with Capt. James Anderson's Co. of Volunteers in Major James Porter's Squadron of East Tennessee Cavalry.

LAND RECORDS: 1817 Roane Co. TN
land sold to Mr. McEwen and moved to Cotaco Co. AL. (later Blount)

1820 Cotaco Co. AL
appointed to mark and build a road from the south bank of the Tennessee River to Somerville, AL.

Blount Co. AL
Relocated his family along road built

relocated family to Pope Co. AR.

Dec. 1842 Washington Co. AR. he died

BOOK: RACKLEY: A Southern Colonial Family" by Eloise Fretz Potter and Timothy Wiley Rackley, revised edition 1996 page. 707
"Elizabeth Rackley, daughter of Allen H. Rackley, was born about 1809 in North Carolina. She married James Stout, son of Abraham and Sarah P. Stout, , on July 24, 1828 in Blount County, Alabama. Abraham Stout (b. 1773/1779, NC d. Washington Co. Ark. ca. 1842) was a surveyor for the Baltimore Post Road, which ran through Madison, Morgan, Blount and Cullman Counties to Elyton, Alabama. That roadway is also called the Elyton Stage Road or Stouts Road. . ."

BOOK: "Before the German Settlement of 1873: The Land and People that Became Cullman County" by Gaylon D. Johnson The Gregath Company, Cullman, Alabama 1980. pages 77-78
"It is not known where the first Methodist Church was established in the present day Cullman County area, but there is evidence to prove the existence of several congregations. One piece of evidence is a recorded deed that shows that a Methodist Church was located at Stouts Gap near present-day Beech Grove. The church was placed near the point where Marriott and Pewderfork Creeks came together. On October 29, 1837, Abraham Stout and Sarey Stout, for the consideration of one dollar, gave a deed to the trustees of a Methodist church then in existence in Section Five, Township Twelve South, Range Three West. The land deeded is described as starting at the northwest corner of the Methodist meeting house and running south twelve and one half poles(rod?) then east thirteen and one half poles, then north twelve and one half poles, and finally thirteen and one half poles west back to the starting point. This tract was deeded to the trustees who were William Stout, Moses Hanna, Jeremiah Jones, Jr., William H. Rackley and Robert Pickel. All ministers using the church had to be in good standing with the Methodist General Conference, and to the ministers was given the charge of filling any vacant trustee seat. At the time of giving of the deed, it would appear that the church was already well established. The church building was already in existence and under the supervision of five trustees. Usually it took several years to get to the point of building a church building. The congregation qualifies as one of the earliest Methodist congregations in the area.

DEED: Deed Book B, Blount Co. Records Oneonta, Alabama

NOTE: It is said that Stout's Gap and Stout's Mountain located in Blount/ Cullman Counties Alabama were named for Abraham Stout.

BOOK: Descendants of Abraham Stout compiled by Duston P. Stout, Dec. 1, 1994 to help Stout's find each other. lists under notes for Abraham Stout:
"Abraham was possibly born in Mason Co. KY. An extract on his son, William, in Pope Co., Ar. Histories, indicates that Abraham was a surveyor and road builder who opened some of the major stagecoach roads in TN and AL. Abraham is reported to have resided in Knox Co. TN in 1806, moved to Roane Co. TN and on into Cotaco Co. AL where in 1818 he served as County Court Clerk. Later in the 1820's the family moved to Blount co. AL, then in ca. 1841 removed to Pope Co. AR. and then on into Washington Co. AR where he is reported to have died. It is very likely that there were other children born to Abraham, but as yet insufficient evidence has not been uncovered to connect them to this family. Duston P. Stout, Dec. 1994." lists ch: William, James, Isabella, Delano, Mary W. and Peter.

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Wife:   Sarah Prentice

Born: 1791
Died: 1875

Birthplace: Tennessee
Middle initial and birth sources: http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/s/t/o/Jerry-A-Stout/GENE9-0002.html
and http://worldconnect.rootsweb.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=:a28118&id=I161

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Male  Child 1:   William Stout

Born: 1806
Died: 5-Nov-1866
Spouse: Ann Parker
Children: Nancy Stout, James Monroe Stout, Rachel Adeline Stout, John Wesley Stout, Elizabeth Stout, Delania B. Stout, Milly M. Stout, Matilda I. Stout, Marlean Stout, Mary Lucretia Stout

Occupation: Farmer
William, immigrated with his family to Pope County in 1842, and he
at once became one of the influential citizens of that county. In 1850
he was elected County Clerk, and re-elected for three successive
terms. After the war he was again appointed Clerk by Governor Murphy,
and while serving in that office was assassinated November 5, 1866. He
was a minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, and had
preached in Pope County since his settlement, and had become one of
the best known and most highly respected citizens. His wife died in
1875. Served in Co. B, Gray's Battalion of Tennessee Volunteers in Mexican War.

From John Young: You can see on this web site where William Stout had a vote for Pope county in the Arkansas Secession Convention as a delegate. http://www.csawardept.com/documents/secession/AR/

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Male  Child 2:   James Stout

Born: 1809
Died: 15-Mar-1866
Spouse: Elizabeth Rackley
Children: Peter Stout, James F. Stout, Sarah P. Stout, Isabella Stout, John Devitt Stout, Michael Stout, William Henderson Stout, Margaret A. Stout, Eliza Stout, Houston Stout

Occupation: Farmer
Kentucky, 1850 Census showed in Pope County, AR and prior to 1850 in Alabama.

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Female  Child 3:   Isabella Stout

Born: 1811
Spouse: William Martin


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Male  Child 4:   Delano Stout

Born: 1812
Spouse: Mariah Sheffield
Children: Patrick Stout, Martha B. Stout, Julie Stout, Leanora Stout

Birthplace: Kentucky

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Female  Child 5:   Mary W. Stout

Born: 1813


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Male  Child 6:   Peter Stout

Born: 1820
Died: 1-Dec-1864