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Husband:   James Henry Young

Father: James Young

Owned a saloon in Dallas named "The Cozy"
Born: between 1880-1885? Maybe 1883 as per Patrick Young.
Suffix: 2nd
Note: May have been from Marshall, TX as per Patrick Young.

Mark Blackburn and two Hartman sisters were friends of James Henry Young and Bertha. Mark worked at Ford (assembly line or something) in Dallas for years. Jim Young remember in 1957 going to Hartmans and Blackburns house.

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Wife:   Bertha Smith

Father: Smith
Other Spouses: Roland Alexander Hall

Link researching: http://www.winski.com/tree/d0005/g0000059.html#I15697

Bertha Smith

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Male  Child 1:   John Young

Born: 1904
Died: 1941

AKA: Johnny
Dates: researching if 1904 birth and 1941 death or not?

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Male  Child 2:   James Henry Young

Born: 27-Aug-1906
Died: Nov-1996
Spouse: Elizabeth Geraldine Stout
Children: Robert Harold Young, James Henry Young, Patrick Gordon Young

Birthplace: Dallas, TX
Suffix: 3rd

Home: 1604 or 1608 or 1612 or 1616 Panama Place, Dallas, TX 75215

James Henry Young